The personal resources of  CDA are augmented by associates who are brought in as needed to provide the skills and manpower needed to complete projects on a timely basis. Our skills do not only cover the functional technical aspects, but also strategies, planning, market research, marketing planning, and manufacturing.


Darrel Burch, Ph.D.: Advanced Optics

Darrell Burch, Ph.D., has over 40 years of experience in the development of optical instrument systems. This includes consulting for CDA and working at Ford Aerospace and other companies. Approximately 29 years of this experience was at Ford Aerospace, including the position of Research Fellow in the area of optical technology. He has taught courses in optical engineering at UCI and Ohio State University. He has 5 patents, 35 published papers, and 50 scientific reports. He is a Fellow in OSA and SPIE. He has considerable electrical-optical analytical and instrumentation skills that will be helpful in overall design and development efforts.



Clint Deckert, MSEE: Electronic and Computer System Development

Clint Deckert, MSEE, has over 37 years of solid electronic and computer system development experience. For the last three years he has been an independent consultant. During this time he has helped a number of different clients. For example, he has developed closed loop blood pressure control system using Lab View and MATLAB for major medical device manufacturer. Here he was involved with closed loop control of an infusion pump development, based upon real time monitoring of invasive blood pressure including control algorithm incorporating fuzzy logic techniques. This required development of 8051 processor based communications interface controllers to convert proprietary infusion pump data to be compatible with the IEEE1073 Medical Interface Bus standard. He also assisted in the development of a wireless patient monitor using Bluetooth and a TI TMS320 series DSP. Before independent consulting, he assisted Sabratek Corporation and Baxter Healthcare Corporation as a Principal Engineer for the electronics and software for the 3030 Infusion Pump and 6060 Ambulatory Infusion Pump and acted as a Project manager for a home based patient monitor using a X86 based controller. Prior to this he was involved with IMED Corporation (1986-1993) as a Principal Engineer and Manager of electronics development group which developed electronics for infusion pumps including IMED models PC1, PC2, and PC4. Systems incorporated 80C96, 80C51, and 68302 processors. He also managed their research and development department with responsibility for all electronics, mechanical, and software for new product development. Before this he was involved with IVENT Corporation (1983-1986) as a Principal Electronics Engineer for medical infusion devices. Earlier while at IMED Corporation (1978-1983) he developed hardware and software for infusion pumps and controllers. During his early experience at Rockwell International (1965-1978) he was responsible engineer and department manager for inertial guidance system precision electronics and gimbal control servo systems and was Manager of sonar processing electronic development department responsible for real-time FFT electronic equipment.


My optical R&D innovation expertise, capabilities, and current publications help accelerate the development of new technology. My broad R&D experience with optical technology can be applied to your technology developments to reduce risk and provide increased value.

Curt Deckert

Prior to beginning my consulting practice 37 years ago, Curt Deckert acquired valuable experience working for Northrop, CalComp, Ford Aerospace, and Abbott Labs. Since then I have consulted with over 140 companies. Now as a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) directing the Orange County Technology SIG I have additional academic, commercial, and potential strategic partner  innovation resources.