Curt Deckert Associates was chosen over several much larger R&D Consulting firms because of its ability to rapidly respond to our needs. They have helped solve quality and manufacturing problems by making use of light and optics to provide highly magnified viewing capability and a means of recording images of critical precision welding operations.

Karl Iwahashi, Manufacturing Engineer
ITT Aerospace Controls



Based on conceptual proposal, Curt Deckert Associates designed and provided a fully functional feasibility model of a sophisticated electro-optical medical instrument on an accelerated schedule at minimum cost. We were extremely pleased with their professional capabilities, demeanor and performance.

R.W. Teasdale, Manufacturing Manager
Bio-Rad Laboratories, Ophthalmic Division


Curt Deckert Associates has performed engineering design and fabrication work for the Science Center on three separate projects. In each case, selection was based on the quality of the technical proposal, and schedule of performance. The three projects had requirements to design and deliver hardware that included precision machining of both metals and glass optics, selection and integration of electromechanical motors and controllers, pneumatics, electronics, optics and computer systems. The three projects were: Automated system for inspection of turbine disks for cracks in bolt holes, advanced multi-sensor integrated robotic end effector, and Robotic hot gas soldering system.

In all cases, CDA met or exceeded customer expectations for timeliness, quality of workmanship, communication, flexibility, and support both awing and after conclusion of projects. Documentation and spare parts provisions were more than satisfactory relative to the contractual agreements. We enjoyed working with CDA and felt their judgement was thorough, their technical approach solid and conservative, and their candor and willingness to work flexibly with our needs very refreshing.

Jeffrey S. Schoenwald
Rockwell International Science Center



Our business involves networking with high-tech subcontractors. Your firm delivered quality opto-mechanical assemblies on-time and on-budget. We plan to use your services on an ongoing basis.

Edward J. O’Rourke, CEO
Iris Technology Corporation



Morgan Construction Co. contracted Curt Deckert to produce various types of optical devices. These optical devices were used for the alignment of various pieces of precision steel rolling equipment. Curt Deckert handled the complete project from design through manufacturing. His manner of performance has always been very professional.

Curt Deckert has always met on time delivery dates with quality product. He has always been very helpful and flexible during the design process. Curt Deckert Associates is a good example of a company doing its best to satisfy the customer.

Design Engineering, Morgan
Construction Company Massachusetts



Curt Deckert Associates made a major contribution in the completion of a commercial automated white cell analyzer with the design of an optical system and high speed microscope stage movement. This permitted start/stop operations with extremely short "setting" times. This allowed increased instrument speed and improved the optics quality for image analysis.

Ross U. Robinson, President
Cardinal Associates, New Mexico


The optical expertise of Curt enabled our design group to develop a new product concept that we would have been unable to do, without the assistance of an outside consultant. We basically explained to Curt what we wanted, in plain terms, and he translated that into the specifics we needed to complete our project. The results we obtained from our prototype was exactly what we were hoping for.

Gordon Spring, Director of Engineering
Universal Product Innovations, Inc.


We have had the pleasure to work together on several projects. Curt is one of the most knowledgeable engineers in his field, and we are confident that you will find him eager to serve your needs in the same reliable and professional manner he has served us. I heartily recommend Curt Deckert Associates, Inc., for any project requiring a high degree of professionalism, creativity, and attention to detail.

J. Michael Myers, Vice-President
Poly-Optical Products, Inc.



Curt Deckert Associates provided the optical expertise we needed to complete our medical sensor on time. Their expertise in optical design was a key component in the success of our project.

Barry Crandall
Major Medical Company



Curt Deckert provided valuable optics design consulting services during the prototype development phase of a high speed camera module.

Bruce Young
Large Computer Manufacturer

My optical R&D innovation expertise, capabilities, and current publications help accelerate the development of new technology. My broad R&D experience with optical technology can be applied to your technology developments to reduce risk and provide increased value.

Curt Deckert

Prior to beginning my consulting practice 37 years ago, Curt Deckert acquired valuable experience working for Northrop, CalComp, Ford Aerospace, and Abbott Labs. Since then I have consulted with over 140 companies. Now as a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) directing the Orange County Technology SIG I have additional academic, commercial, and potential strategic partner  innovation resources.