Typical client areas in which our services have and are being used:

Medical            Aerospace            Educational          Entertainment       Lighting        Surveillance

Computer       Measurements     Manufacturing       Research Labs     Toys              Displays


Typical Project Examples

Microfilm systems.

Fiber optic lighting systems.

Laser surgery systems.

Ink jet technology.

Photo plotters.

Semiconductor processing.

Optical test equipment.

Viewers for disabled.

Projectors for manufacturing and quality control.

Market study for importing ophthalmic lenses.

Periscope for remotely viewing turbine blades in a cogeneration facility.

Optical system for fluorescence imaging for cancer detection.

Fiber optic pressure sensing.

Video probe for subsurface undersea exploration.

LED Video display signs

Device for optimizing the sight of those with Macular Degeneration

Patent search on new ophthalmoscope camera systems

Patent searching on new macular degeneration vision devices

Contact lens display research and new concept development


Feasibility Analysis

Surveillance systems.

Fiber optics displacement encoder.

IR safety systems for machines.

Device to read and write a GByte of information on a small smart card.

Reader for small particles use for anti-counterfeiting applications.

High speed, high resolution inspection for semiconductors.

Higher speed medical diagnostics

IR sensor for determining fraction of water in crude oil

Optical inspection for rapid sub-micron semiconductor inspection

Fiber-light pipe laser delivery catheter system

Alcohol sensor sensitivity

Optical functional testing for electronic toothbrushes

Laser delivery system for heart procedure

New rotary encoder approach

Power delivery from LEDs via fiber optics

Power delivery from IR laser via fiber optics

Simplified diagnostic device with integral window

New optical approach for smoke alarm

Commercial fluorescence lifetime medical application

Virtual reality display for MRI application


Concept Demonstration

Optical system for detection of fluorescence from a laser-excited biological sample.

Automatic reader for very small particle identification and classification.

Fiber optics sensor system for monitoring optical coatings.

Star locator teaching tool for astronomy.

Periscope for remotely viewing turbine blades in a cogeneration facility.

Optical system for fluorescence imaging used for cancer detection.

Fertility microscope.

Semiconductor wafer methods for creating special smart particles

Eye centering device for determining implant location

On line optical calibration and cooling for LED video sign

Optical fluorescence sensing device for array

Optical detection of fluorescence from laser-excited biological samples

Optical system for fluorescence imaging used for cancer detection

Proposed development for macular degeneration device

My optical R&D innovation expertise, capabilities, and current publications help accelerate the development of new technology. My broad R&D experience with optical technology can be applied to your technology developments to reduce risk and provide increased value.

Curt Deckert

Prior to beginning my consulting practice 37 years ago, Curt Deckert acquired valuable experience working for Northrop, CalComp, Ford Aerospace, and Abbott Labs. Since then I have consulted with over 140 companies. Now as a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) directing the Orange County Technology SIG I have additional academic, commercial, and potential strategic partner  innovation resources.