General Competitive R&D Management

Evaluate existing R&D strategies

Product Definition and Specifications

Intellectual property development strategies

R&D strategy and planning process

Strategic partner selection

Develop creative R&D strategy to achieve your product development goals

Integrate R&D strategies with marketing and manufacturing


Act as a parallel or integrated R&D Organization

Technology Selection for customer needs

Concept development

Locate or develop new technology partners

Product Development Cost Evaluation and Projection

Project Management including Planning-Budgeting-Scheduling-Controlling


R&D Risk Reduction and Problem solving

Objective risk  and problem assessments

Balance risk with resources and performance goals

Preliminary model building and testing

Reduction of critical paths by using parallel activities

My optical R&D innovation expertise, capabilities, and current publications help accelerate the development of new technology. My broad R&D experience with optical technology can be applied to your technology developments to reduce risk and provide increased value.

Curt Deckert

Prior to beginning my consulting practice 37 years ago, Curt Deckert acquired valuable experience working for Northrop, CalComp, Ford Aerospace, and Abbott Labs. Since then I have consulted with over 140 companies. Now as a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) directing the Orange County Technology SIG I have additional academic, commercial, and potential strategic partner  innovation resources.